Alexandru Marginean

PhD Candidate at UCL, CREST Centre.

My name is Alexandru Marginean. I am a PhD Candidate at the CREST Centre, Software Systems Engineering group, in the Department of Computer Science at University College London (UCL). My first co-supervisers (alphabetical order) are: Senior Lecturer Earl T. Barr and Prof. Mark Harman. My postdoctoral researcher supervisor is Dr. Yue Jia . I am thankful to UCL for funding this PhD, through the UCL Studentship .

My PhD topic is Autotransplantation.

My area of interests includes: Software Engineering, Search Based Software Engineering, Static Analysis, Automated Test Data Generation, Program Transformation.


Projects on which I am working:


Ordered list of publications.

Refereed Conferences and Workshops

Pidgin Crasher : Searching for Minimised Crashing GUI Event Sequences

Haitao Dan, Mark Harman, Jens Krinke, Lingbo Li, Alexandru Marginean and Fan Wu

In: Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering, Accepted, Fortaleza, Brazil, 2014.

Automated software transplantation

Barr, E.T., Harman, M., Jia, Y., Marginean, A., Petke, J.

In: ISSTA (2015), to appear

Automated Transplantation of Call Graph and Layout Features into Kate

Marginean, A., Barr, E.T., Harman, M., Jia, Y.

In: Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering (2015), to appear

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My CV is available online: download.


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University College London,
Computer Science Dept.
Gower Street,

Office: 5.08
Mobile phone: +44 (0) 7459 542722